Tim Labatzky – Founder

I believe there is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud. I created POB in October of 2020. Seeing so many businesses struggling during this time and receiving little support, I realized that something needed to be done. Memories I have growing up as many were not always great ones but non the less were memories. Two I remember are seeing my Grandfathers (WWII Veteran) business in Michigan struggle and close during the late 70’s during the fall of the Michigan economy. This was a family run business that was unable to hold out thru the times of struggle. My Father and Mother (both Army Veterans) had a small business that was forced to close during the housing market crash in Texas. I remember hearing my parents sitting at the kitchen table discussing what sacrifices they would have to make in order to keep the employees paid.

I have remembered that for many years and seeing the small businesses across this country fail, not because of being bad business owners but because of things beyond their control, made me ask myself, are they sitting around the kitchen table deciding the future of their employees and business? So here we are today with this amazing organization full of Patriot Individuals and Businesses uniting and supporting each other as True Americans do. As we grow everyday with amazing members, I hope we reduce the kitchen table talks for businesses today and future generations. 


Shannon Labatzky – Founder

I am the co-founder for Patriot Owned Businesses. I come from a very grassroots, conservative family that raised me to believe in family, friends and to achieve the American dream that other countries do not allow their citizens to achieve. I believe in the foundation that POB is setting to bring Constitutional Americans together in a friendly atmosphere where everyone can come together and share their businesses and information to assist members that may not own a business.

I was with Tim when he was upset that now one was protecting small businesses in 2020 and he was upset about the time that every American was facing. I told him, don’t just get mad about it, do something. Well here you see the results. POB is here to support, encourage interaction and bring Conservative individuals and Businesses together to achieve a parallel economy. All I can say is if you are not a member, JOIN TODAY, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

Kasey Britton – Admin

As a stanch advocate of our Constitutional rights, firm believer of upholding the law, and love of God and Country, blessed me with the honor of being a part of Patriot Owned Businesses. This group is a movement spreading across the USA and is firmly planted in all the things I hold dear to my heart. I am constantly fighting for our voices to be heard whether locally or state-wide. I am proud to call Texas my home.

Patriot Owned Businesses is movement about Patriotism, defending our Constitution as written, honoring those who believe in the freedom of individual liberty by standing with our Veterans, supporting businesses and non-profits forged through American courage and resilience, and building a community of members armed to protect conservative values.

God leads us down many paths of unknown destinations to teach us lessons. I live to serve you, the Patriot community, uniting under the foundational principles of our country and love for God. We give the Glory to HIM. Let’s continue His movement as a vessel to drive change and champion Patriot Owned Businesses!

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

God Bless the USA!

John – Webmaster

About Websites By Patriots

Websites by patriots is made up of a diverse group of liberty loving people who actually enjoy what they do. This hand selected team consists of former businesses owners, public safety officers, disabled veterans, lifelong patriots and even a former Baptist pastor who have all come to call Websites By Patriots their home. We’ve been on both sides of the business market, so we just don’t read about it in a history book; WE LIVED IT!

We seek to work with small business owners who have a drive and passion to provide excellence in the products or services they supply to their customers. With our assistance, they will be able to achieve greater results based on years of experience in the web development industry. Coupled with our “work around” skill set we have been able to find affordable (and sometimes free) solutions that save time and money for those who need it the most.

About the Owner and Team

John started his career as a sign business owner/operator in San Bernardino, California when he was just 19 years old. With a love for graphic design, technology and helping businesses improve their image; John was already armed with everything he’d need for the up and coming “World Wide Web”. To be a successful business owner in the fast growing/ever changing sign, printing and screen printing industry; John never said no, rather learning from each challenge increasing in knowledge and confidence. As his company grew in popularity so did the internet, so customers began asking about websites. Seeing the rapidly growing need for a business’s online presence, John began educating himself in html, php, and javascript to built his first website. After a few short years John sold his sign company to pursue his new passion of designing and building websites full time.

In 2007 Websites By Patriots opened it’s digital doors, with the desire to take the skills he honed in his successful sign company; and apply them to website creation. With his success came growing pains. John needed a way to have customers be able to edit their own websites, He worked with a developer to create CuBit; a easy to use Content Manager. This allowed John to take on additional clients while still maintaining a high level of design and support services.

As business continued to grow John hand selected support members that shared his passion for customer service. This diversity allowed him to increase the services that he could offer to his clients and ever growing business. As the internet continued to evolve, it prompted the need for a more powerful CMS to meet the ever-changing needs of the World Wide Web. Over an 18 month period he crafted a more powerful WordPress based system he named Teamero.

John finds great satisfaction in knowing he has empowered over 1000 small businesses to manage their own website without having to learn complicated programming or needing to pay a web designer for continued updates. The end result has been a flawless marriage of stunning graphics and website functionality all in a single website package. Pairing that with award winning levels of support, Search Engine Management and more; Websites By Patriots and truly become a picture of the American dream.

A Conservative Mindset

It’s not old fashioned values that makes a conservative business owner, but it sure seems like that is how we are labeled. Just owning a business and creating something with your own 2 hands, using your God given talents along with hard work and taking the financial risks of success; seem to set businesses apart in today’s marketplace as conservative. If that is what “ol’ fashioned is, then I suppose that’s what we are)

We’re not sure how big a company needs to get before you become liberal minded, but I suppose we haven’t reached it yet. However, it doesn’t take a genius (which we definitely are NOT) to see how liberal policies of high taxation and regulation destroy the backbone of America, the small business owner. It is this mindset that has carried this company for so many years to support small businesses achieve big business success with a small business budget.

Christian Owned and Operated

If we needed to put a label on this business I would have to say that we are a Christian Owned and Operated Website Development Service. What exactly does that mean? It means that we are dedicated to serving and honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as a result; we are accountable to a higher authority. One that holds us to a higher level of standards. We believe in the following principals and we expect you to hold us to them.

Honesty – At whatever the cost, we choose not to lie or even stretch the truth because we know that God cannot work in us or even through us if we insert a lie into the situation. And in order to achieve the impossible (as we are often asked to achieve) we need His guidance, energy, direction, inspiration, and yes, even His blessing in order to design at our best.

Integrity – When we say we’re going to do something, we mean it. We will do everything in our power to make that happen. Our Word means more to us than the dollar because we know that our financial needs are met by God who calls us to focus on His plan for our lives and the needs of the people he brings into our lives (You, our clients).

Diligence – The Bible talks about doing your work as though you’re working directly for God and we take that statement very seriously. We are truly working for you, for us and for our future but most importantly, we have a boss in heaven that we are trying to please. Sometimes it takes more than the 8 hours in a regular business day because the job we’re working on just takes more time. We don’t give up, we make it happen even if it takes some extra effort, extra coffee, and extra time.