Kasey Britton – Admin

As a stanch advocate of our Constitutional rights, firm believer of upholding the law, and love of God and Country, blessed me with the honor of being a part of Patriot Owned Businesses. This group is a movement spreading across the USA and is firmly planted in all the things I hold dear to my heart. I am constantly fighting for our voices to be heard whether locally or state-wide. I am proud to call Texas my home.

Patriot Owned Businesses is movement about Patriotism, defending our Constitution as written, honoring those who believe in the freedom of individual liberty by standing with our Veterans, supporting businesses and non-profits forged through American courage and resilience, and building a community of members armed to protect conservative values.

God leads us down many paths of unknown destinations to teach us lessons. I live to serve you, the Patriot community, uniting under the foundational principles of our country and love for God. We give the Glory to HIM. Let’s continue His movement as a vessel to drive change and champion Patriot Owned Businesses!

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

God Bless the USA!