Shannon Labatzky – Founder

I am the co-founder for Patriot Owned Businesses. I come from a very grassroots, conservative family that raised me to believe in family, friends and to achieve the American dream that other countries do not allow their citizens to achieve. I believe in the foundation that POB is setting to bring Constitutional Americans together in a friendly atmosphere where everyone can come together and share their businesses and information to assist members that may not own a business.

I was with Tim when he was upset that now one was protecting small businesses in 2020 and he was upset about the time that every American was facing. I told him, don’t just get mad about it, do something. Well here you see the results. POB is here to support, encourage interaction and bring Conservative individuals and Businesses together to achieve a parallel economy. All I can say is if you are not a member, JOIN TODAY, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.