POB Gives Back Fund


Together we can make a difference. The POB Gives Back fund is built to help individuals, businesses and non-profits within the POB Network across America!!

Every Dollar counts!!

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We understand how hard times can pop up without warning and we want to help.

Everyone has experienced troubled waters at least once and felt that there was no way out.

With POB Gives Back, we want to help!!

We have started this fund to assist businesses and individuals in the POB network.

Our goal is to help POB members when issues arise and help them navigate the rocky ride they are on.

We will assist individuals, non-profits and businesses with this fund through the year.

How it works:

  • Members can submit a email or call us to tell us what they are requesting help for.

This can be the person or persons that need help or someone asking on their behalf.

  • Administrators, Moderators, POB Founders and 2 other members of POB will determine the outcome of the help given through the POB Gives Back Fund.
  • Funds will be distributed through using POB Businesses and not giving the funds direct unless there is no other solution. a example would be if someone had a water leak and did not have the money to get it fixed, We would contact the plumbers in POB, advise them of the issue and we would pay the plumber to do the repair. for a business it would work the same way with issues involved with the business.
  • The person or persons needing the assistance will be held in confidence between the above stated members and the business assisting.
  • This will also allow us to assist with fundraisers that are being supported through POB
  • support after will also be large part of POB Gives Back. As a example if a business is having issues with their online marketing and have been trying to do it on their own but it is not working, we will contact marketing businesses in POB, Explain the issue and have them assist the business to get them headed in the correct direction.

 With your contribution, we can make a difference in so many ways. 

Together we can help every POB member, business and non-profit!!

Every dollar counts!!!

Thank you for supporting POB and believing in our overall goals.

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