Who We Are

We are a nationwide organization dedicated to bringing together businesses, individuals, and organizations that follow the belief of being an American thru God, Family, and Country.

This country was established on:

  • Hard Work
  • Dedication
  • The Belief in Freedom

This still stands true today.

POB was created in 2020 as an outlet for individual Americans, Businesses, and Organizations to have a place available to:

  • Network
  • Shop
  • Discuss
  • Come together
  • Build relationships

And develop long-standing bonds with other Americans across the country.

We host and attend networking events, support and sponsor non-profits, speak at events with other organizations, volunteer with other POB members in their communities, and visit businesses across America.

If you believe in the Constitution, supporting family and friends, and defending our freedoms, then POB is the place for you.

Just like the 56 Patriots that defied reality, putting their country ahead of all others, signing that document so many years ago which is the foundation for this country and the strength that binds us together; along with the 3% that fought to free us from the tyranny of others to become the United States of America, POB is the foundation for bringing Patriotic Americans and Patriotic American businesses together to stand for our freedoms. 


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