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Thank you for supporting POB and believing in our mission. make sure to check out the full description below for all the details.

Your continued support is what builds this organization.

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Thank you for supporting POB and our mission.

Every donations goes back into POB and helps with all the costs we have to run such an amazing organization. We want to continue to offer as much as possible that is at no charge and never want to change our values we have built this organization on. 

Funds will be used for the every costs associated with Patriot Owned Businesses and also future endeavors we have planned that will expand the reach of this organization.

We will also add funds to the POB Gives Back fund that we started to assist businesses and individuals that are involved in this organization and might need some assistance during tough times. example of this would be if a business struggles with their social media, POB would look into it and hire a POB business to assist them with their issues. Another example would be if someone had plumbing issues, we would find a Plumber to assist with this issue and pay the plumber direct. this fund will be managed by all the associates with POB and sent out upon approval. this fund will also assist non-profits that are involved with POB.

As a Thank You, for every donation listed in the dropdown, we have added a gift for your support.

Thank you for supporting POB and the vision we have set forth. you are the true heart of this and we can never thank you enough for your support.


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