Tim Labatzky – Founder

I believe there is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud. I created POB in October of 2020. Seeing so many businesses struggling during this time and receiving little support, I realized that something needed to be done. Memories I have growing up as many were not always great ones but non the less were memories. Two I remember are seeing my Grandfathers (WWII Veteran) business in Michigan struggle and close during the late 70’s during the fall of the Michigan economy. This was a family run business that was unable to hold out thru the times of struggle. My Father and Mother (both Army Veterans) had a small business that was forced to close during the housing market crash in Texas. I remember hearing my parents sitting at the kitchen table discussing what sacrifices they would have to make in order to keep the employees paid.

I have remembered that for many years and seeing the small businesses across this country fail, not because of being bad business owners but because of things beyond their control, made me ask myself, are they sitting around the kitchen table deciding the future of their employees and business? So here we are today with this amazing organization full of Patriot Individuals and Businesses uniting and supporting each other as True Americans do. As we grow everyday with amazing members, I hope we reduce the kitchen table talks for businesses today and future generations.